Monday, August 27, 2007

Easy climb Gunung Datuk / Gunung Dato

How to get there.
Gunung Dato located is in the state of Negeri Sembilan. If you are travelling from South, take the NS highway. Exit at the Alor Gajah toll. At the roundabout, turn 2 0'clock and proceed toward Rembau. At the T junction turns left. After a short distance you will be directed to turn right. You should see adequate signs directing you from Alor Gajah exit to the Forestry office from where the ascend to Gunung Dato start. Register yourself at the forestry office (a trekking permit fee of RM3.00 per person) and then proceed to enjoy your ascend.

The trek.
At 870 m, you would probably think that Gunung Dato will be a challenging trek. On the contrary, summiting Gunung Dato is actually quite easy. If you are a fit trekker, you should be able to summit the peak within one hour or one and half hour the most. I myself have reached the peak within one hour. The climb is quite a straight forward up trail that does not involve much side track walking. The path leading up to the peak is very clear and no trekker, however new you are, will get lost. So no guide is needed.

Things need to bring up .
As it is quite a short climb, all you need to bring along up with you are:-

1. About 750 ml of water. There is also a water source (from fresh water stream)about ten minutes from the peak.
2. Perhaps an apple or banana and a snack bar for energy.
3. A dry t shirt to change before your descend will be nice.

The summit.
The view at the summit is one of the best I have seen. Once you reach the top, on your left you will see giant boulders with metal ladders leading up to the summit. If you are brave enough to climb up these metal ladders, you will be rewarded with magnificent view of Seremban town. The summit however can only accommodate perhaps about seven to eight persons. So if you are trekking up with a big group, you may need to take turn at the summit.

I strongly recommend Gunung Dato to all new mountain trekkers. It is one Gunung that even as a first timer, you should have little difficulty summiting the peak. And what serve as better encouragement for one than a successful summit to try other mountains.

Person to contact.
If you need additional information on Gunung Dato , you can contact:-

Encik Abd Rahman Bin Hj Idris
Taman Rekreasi Gunung Datuk
Kampung Batang Nyamor
Rembau, Negeri Sembilan
Tel: 013-2364443.

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